Every Photo. Every Edit. Always With You.


LibraryLoupe gives you full access to the power of your iPhone, iPad and iCloud Photo Libraries. Your iPhone and iPad photo library already keeps track of every photo, edits made to them and syncs between all of your devices when iCloud Photo Library is turned on.

Because LibraryLoupe works with the data on your iPhone or iPad your photos and metadata never come to our servers.

Every Photo

Your photo library keeps track of every photo you take on your iPhone or your iPad. It also tracks every photo you import from your DSLR or mirrorless cameras using an SD Card or USB Adapter. It even supports RAW files from your iPhone and your DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

LibraryLoupe allows you to find all of these images with ease. RAW and JPEG images are clearly distinguished as you browse your library. You can easily share the RAW and JPEG representations of any image to any other image editing or sharing applications on your iPhone or iPad.


Every Edit

Your photo library keeps track of three versions of every photo on your iPhone or iPad at any point in time:

  • Original - The original imported version of the photo. This is also the RAW file if it was imported.
  • Unadjusted - For RAW images this is the original JPEG representation of the photo before any edits were made to it.
  • Current - This is the most recent version of the image in your photo library. It is the output of the Unadjusted image and the edits that were made to it.

The library also stores metadata about the changes that were made to the photo and which application on your device(s) made them. 

LibraryLoupe allows you to examine all of this data in your photo library and share or edit just the version of the photo that you want.


Always With You

When you have iCloud Photo Library turned on all of your photos and edits synchronize between all of your iPhones and iPads.

LibraryLoupe allows you to dig deep into all of the photos and all of their metadata from your iPad even if all of your photos were taken or imported on your iPhone. Take your photos wherever you are, organize them from the comfort of your couch with the bigger display on your iPad.

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All Features

Camvergence Organizer Add-on
Free $4.99
Download Now In-app Purchase
View all photos in your iPhone, iPad and iCloud Photo Library Yes Yes
View all videos in your iPad Photo Library Yes Yes
View all live photos in your iCloud Photo Library Yes Yes
Support for 'Moment' Albums Yes Yes
Support for system 'Smart' Albums Yes Yes
Support for custom Albums View Create
Support for custom 'Smart' searches Yes Yes
Live Photos Yes Yes
HDR Photos Yes Yes
Find images deep in your library with 'Converge' Yes Yes
Filter on album membership Yes Yes
Filter with 'Smart' searches Yes Yes
Filter on edited/not-edited status Yes Yes
Filter on RAW + JPEG Yes Yes
Filter on RAW Only Yes Yes
Filter on contain faces/does not contain faces Yes Yes
Filter on contain smiles/does not contain smiles Yes Yes
View JPEG Images Yes Yes
View PNG Images Yes Yes
View RAW Files for iPhone, DSLR and mirrorless cameras Yes Yes
Download all iCloud Photo Library data elements and share with other apps Yes Yes
Custom iMessage app to find and share items fast Coming Soon Coming Soon
Automatically identify duplicate and alternate images Coming Soon Coming Soon
Easily favorite/unfavorite images Yes Yes
Full EXIF and metadata viewer Yes Yes
iOS Action Extension to search for any image in your library Coming Soon Coming Soon
iOS Action Extension to view EXIF and metadata about any image Coming Soon Coming Soon
Easily add items to an album with a single tap Yes
Easily add or remove all search items from an album Yes
Easily add an item to multiple albums at once Yes
Combine duplicate and alternate images into a single library item Yes